Stress Reduction

With the daily pressures of the modern world, finding time to de-stress and relax properly can often be a real challenge. Whether your difficulties lie in falling asleep, high blood pressure and anxiety levels, or you need to learn to relax to be able to deal with a specific event such as flying, an upcoming wedding, or impending child birth, lower levels of stress and greater peace of mind are closer than you may realise. Using a combination of recorded material and personal training, I can teach you how to quickly and easily relax in order to enjoy life’s experiences more fully.

Each of us experience stress differently and our personal needs are quite specific. Whether you need to learn simple breathing techniques or more advanced methods of self-hypnosis and mediation skills. I will work with you personally to provide you with practical tools and skills that you will be able to utilise for the rest of your life.

Depending upon the causes for your stress, it is often helpful to spend some time at the beginning of each session discussing the nature of the situation. In these discussions we will work together to more fully understand the main cause of the anxiety or stress in question, and then provide you with pragmatic and useable tools to utilise in your daily life.

If you would like to learn more about how stress management techniques can be utilised effectively in your life, please contact me for a fully confidential, no obligation discussion about how I might be of assistance.

Relaxation, Stress Reduction, and Visualisation training can either be done with individuals or in workshop format for groups. Group workshops can be held at any location which may suit your needs.