I would like for my child/partner to come and see you though I will be funding the counselling. Will I receive reports on how his/her sessions are progressing? Will you answer questions about things he or she might be telling you?

Each and every client – irrespective of age or gender – receives the same level of confidentiality and sensitive treatment of their privacy. This means that regardless of who is funding the counselling – be it the client personally, a partner, a parent, or the local authority – all client information will be treated with the same conditions of confidentiality.

It is my firm belief and policy that each individual’s participation in counselling is strictly confidential and the content of any work we do together is therefore private – regardless of who is paying for the sessions. The only real exception to this rule of confidentiality is for legal minors, under the age of 18. For those under 18 there may be circumstances where it becomes necessary for me to notify their parent or legal guardian should it become my firm belief that the individual in question is at risk of significant harm.