How long does counselling take on average? How many sessions will I need to attend?

The length of time one comes to counselling is completely a matter of personal choice. There is no minimum or maximum to the number of sessions you must attend – or should attend.

The greatest variable in estimating the number of sessions an individual or couple might need lies in the answer to the question: “What am I hoping to achieve?” For couples or individuals who have a specific, readily identifiable dilemma or conflict to resolve, this can often be achieved within 6 to 8 sessions or less. On the other hand if you are not exactly sure what it is that is troubling you, or if you would like to work on more deeply rooted issues that extend far back into your childhood, then you may well find that more time will be needed.

In general people will begin to “feel” differently about their difficulties and situation quite some time before they understand the roots/nature of why they are having these troubles in the first place. How long you might need to come, and how many sessions you will ultimately attend will be entirely down to you and what best suits your needs. Some only need attend one or two sessions to achieve their goals, while others might attend for several months. Still others dip in and out for short blocks of sessions over a period of many years as the need arises. I will be happy to discuss with you in the first session what your particular goals are for counselling, and the approximate number of sessions you might need.