Can I bring someone along, such as a partner or friend?

Yes you may. Many people feel unsure or uncomfortable about coming to counselling alone, particularly for the first session. If you wish to bring along a partner or advisor until you feel safe or comfortable that is absolutely fine. Having said this, it is my experience that most people find counselling progresses with greater meaning and purpose if they are able to speak freely – without any type of self-censoring that might exist if another, personally connected person is also in the room. Because of this, in general I would suggest that unless the aim of the counselling is to work specifically on any difficulties between yourself and the individual that is accompanying you (for example with couples counselling), that you only bring them along for the first one or two sessions.

There are no hard and fast rules on this however, and you may bring a friend/advisor to as many meetings as you personally desire. I would be happy to discuss your specific needs and concerns about this over the telephone prior to booking your first session.