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Johnathan Pease

Johnathan said:

“Through East Herts West Essex Counselling Services, I have been offering professional psychotherapy and counselling services through  since 2002, though I had already been offering couples counselling through Relate beginning in 1994.

“Having now benefited from broad experience in several key areas of training and practice, I considers myself fortunate to have been able to provide assistance to hundreds of adults and children in working through issues stemming from a wide variety of circumstances.

“It has been my privilege to have worked with a great many individuals and couples from Essex, Hertfordshire and beyond. I put great effort in all of my face to face work to create a relaxed and friendly environment. In this way, I have been able to help many open find their way through life’s mazes, and create new futures for themselves to flourish in.”



Diploma in Counselling: University of Hertfordshire, 1994 – 1996
This Diploma marks the end of a 2 year university degree course. In my journey it marked my initial training as a counsellor/psychotherapist and provided an overview of both Person Centered and Psycho-dynamic methods of therapeutic practice.

Post Graduate Diploma in Couples Counselling: Relate, 1996 – 1998
This Diploma was received at the end of a 2 year training program, which is combined with 2 years clinical practice as a Relate Therapist. Whilst the training itself is mainly conducted at Relate’s head offices in Rugby, my clinical practice was entirely conducted at Relate in Harlow, Essex.

Post Graduate Diploma Counselling: University of Hertfordshire, 2001 – 2009
This Post Graduate Diploma marks the end of the general, 4 year university degree course for counsellors/psychotherapists. In my journey, it also marked the end of my training as a Person Centered Therapist, having already received 4 years of training (coupled with 4 years of clinical experience) as a psycho-dynamic therapist. 

Post Graduate Diploma: Adult Survivors of Childhood Trauma: University of Middlesex, 2005 – 2006
This Post Graduate Diploma provided training in working with adults who have been victim of childhood abuse in its many tragic manners. Standard training in becoming a counsellor/therapist barely scratches the surface of this very emotional type of work. If you are a victim of childhood abuse, whether or not you ultimately contact me personally to work with you, it is suggested that you seek a practitioner who does have some sort of additional, specialised training in this area.

Advanced Post Graduate Diploma: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT):  University of Warwick, 2008 – 2009
This Post Graduate Diploma provided training in both theory and skills in the use of Advanced Cognitive Behavioural Therapeutic skills and techniques specifically geared towards the Person Centered Practitioner. 

Foundation Diploma: Family Mediation: UK College of Mediators, 2010
This diploma in Family mediation is training for a process separating or divorcing couples can use by which they are facilitated in separating their finances, and creating co-parenting plans directly between themselves, rather than relying upon a court or other outside authority to make those decisions for them.  

Mediation Information Assessment Meetings (MIAMs) Family Mediation Council, 2011
A qualification for conducting the special “pre-mediation” meetings legally required before any divorcing couple can make an application to the court in asking the courts to make a decision for them in resolving finances and/or children’s matters during a divorce. The meeting is designed to provide evidence to a court or other authority that any couple who is trying to resolve matters through the courts have first attempted to resolve things between them, with minimal solicitor involvement

Direct Consultation with Children (DCC) Alternative Dispute Resolution Group (ADRg), 2012
A specialist qualification for working with young people during a divorce/separation process to ensure their voice is appropriately heard and factored into post separation co-parenting plans.

International Accreditation Civil and Commercial Mediation Alternative Dispute Resolution Group (ADRg), 2013
This is an adjunct to my Family Mediation Skills training. Whilst it is true that I am now an internationally accredited civil/commercial mediator, the truth is that I do not engage in this work on any regular basis.

Accreditation Family Mediator The Law Society, 2015
As an accredited Family Mediator the The Law Society, I am able to conduct Mediation Information Assessment Meetings, as well as sign the various relevant court documents regarding mediation where needed.

Professional Practice Consultant (PPC) Resolution (Formally “The Family Law Society”), 2017
A Professional Practice consultant (PPC) supervises solicitors and family mediators in their work with couples who may be going through a divorce process. As PPC, my role is to ensure that those professionals (solicitors and mediators) are practicing in accordance with the legal and ethical principles set down by the Family Mediation Council and the Family Mediation Standards Board.

Advanced Diploma: Hypnotherapy:  American Council of Hypnotist Examiners, 1989
This Advanced Diploma provided training in both theory and practice in Hypnotherapeutic methodology

Professional Memberships:

  • British Association for Counselling/Psychotherapy (Accredited) Joined 1995
  • United Kingdom Register of Independent Counsellors/Psychotherapists: Joined at its inception 2009
  • Hertfordshire Family Law Society: Joined 2009
  • UK college of Mediators: Joined 2010
  • Affiliate Member of Resolution: Joined 2012
  • ADRg (Alternative Dispute Resolution Group): Joined 2012
  • The Law Society: Joined 2015
  • CRB checks renewed annually

Membership and accreditation by all of the above bodies is maintained via a rigorous process of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and on-going training, the demonstration of regular and continuous work with clients and the maintenance of full professional indemnity insurance.