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Welcome to the website of Johnathan Pease.

Personal Target

Sadly Johnathan died on 16 March 2019 as a result of bowel cancer.  He was only 57.

It was Johnathan’s mission in life to help people and he was incredibly good at it.  He had an extraordinary empathy which allowed him to pick up on the emotions of the people around him, and then interpret what he felt into an accurate account of what they were feeling, even if they didn’t know themselves what that was.  He had a way of seeing into your soul and reporting back on what was going on in there, and with his wealth of knowledge and experience, was able to help people to  identify their issues and work them through.

The psychotherapy world is poorer without him.

Johnathan wrote some fascinating blogs, which you will find on this site.  Please feel free to explore as I am sure you will find something of interest to you.  This website remains live as a memorial to Johnathan and his work.

Johnathan’s CD, Deep Relaxation and Stress Reduction, is available to purchase.  It uses a combination of soft hypnotic imagery and gentle sound to sooth away unwanted stress, and helps the listener deal more effectively with stressful situations in the future.  It is ideal for anyone who no longer wishes to allow stress to hamper his or her enjoyment of life.  The CD costs £10 plus £2 p&p (all proceeds donated to Isabel Hospice, Welwyn Garden City).  If you would like a copy, please email pease.memorial@gmail.com.

If you are looking for a therapist, you may like to visit the BACP website:  https://www.bacp.co.uk/about-therapy/information-about-counselling/  where you can search for therapists in your area.

Welcome to East Herts West Essex Counselling Services in Bishops Stortford

Hello and welcome. My name is Johnathan Pease and through East Herts West Essex Counselling Services I have been providing professional and fully confidential counselling in the Bishops Stortford area for since 2002, and previously provided couples counselling through Relate beginning back in 1994.  Quite apart from this extensive experience and the range of qualifications I hold in counselling and therapy, the most important thing I bring to my work is a relaxed, friendly and pragmatic approach to helping people find a way through the difficulty they are be facing.

I fully understand that no two people’s troubles are the same, even though they may be using similar labels to describe them. The fact is, each of us require something slightly different from a counsellor and I endeavour to approach each person’s difficulties (and solutions), in a way that is individual, and uniquely suited to their needs.

Chief among my thoughts as I sit with any individual is that I recognise the person behind the difficulties they are facing. I work hard to treat everyone with the kindness, respect and professional courtesy they deserve and this is the cornerstone of the therapeutic relationship that my many clients have benefited from to such good effect over the years.

As a full-time BACP accredited practitioner, I am committed to the maintenance of high professional standards. So, whether you are trying to work through a single, readily identifiable issue or are struggling with a more general feeling of loss or sadness that you can’t put your finger on, counselling can likely help. At the bottom of this page you’ll find a series of links entitled “our services” that will take you to pages where I discuss how I work with a variety of specific difficulties. Please take a moment and have a quick look at the service that seems appropriate to your needs. In addition, you’ll find from my blog posts, that I regularly write articles on various aspects of counselling, and of how to deal with a wide range of difficulties. Within one of those articles, you may well find just the answer you’re looking for.